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1st Convocation Messages


Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed
People's Republic of Bangladesh

I welcome the 1st Convocation of the Daffodil International University on 24 May 2006.
Convocation of a university is a significant event in the academic life all over the world. It is indeed a memorable occasion for the graduating students, who by their hard work and dedication have earned the degree which will enable them to meet the need of the time. Bangladesh having a large population needs to transform its manpower into skilled human resources in order to face the challenges of the century. I sincerely hope that these young graduates, equipped with skilled knowledge, will make valuable contribution to the progress of our country.
I congratulate the graduates and wish them a bright and prosperous future. I also congratulate the faculty and the management of the University.
Allah Hafez, Bangladesh Zindabad

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006


khaleda zia  

Khaleda Zia 
Prime Minister 
Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

I am glad to know that the First Convocation Ceremony of Daffodil International University will be held in Dhaka on 24 May 2006. I extend my congratulations to the graduating students, university staff, teachers, parents and guardians on this festive occasion.

We have been attaching highest priority to education and human resources development during both our present and previous tenures in government. With that in mind, our government has encouraged establishment of private universities in the country in order to foster a competitive environment for raising the standard of our education.

I am hopeful that DIU graduates will now concentrate on applying their knowledge and skills generated through hard work and devotion in their respective professional fields in order to advance the cause of their country and the nation.

I wish the First Convocation of Daffodil International University all success.

Allah Hafez, Bangladesh Zindabad

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006




M. Osman Farruk, MP 
Ministry of Education
Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

I am pleased to know that Daffodil international University (DIU) is holding its First Convocation on May 24, 2006.

Education has become more competitive throughout the world in this twenty first century because of technological advances and globalization. The importance of private universities in Bangladesh can hardly be emphasized. The expansion, however, is not meant to be at the expense of quality and relevance of education.

Higher Education is not just about acquisition of knowledge but also about developing citizens with the right skills and attributes of good citizens. I hope the graduates of DIU have been prepared in the above fashion and for the challenges of their times.

My heartiest congratulation and best wishes to all graduates, their parents, and to DIU family.

I wish the Convocation a great success

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006




A.N.M. Ehsanul Hoque 
State Minister
Ministry of Education
Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

It gives me immense pleasure to know that Daffodil International University is holding its First Convocation. On this propitious occasion I congratulate the graduates, faculty members and staff of DIU.

The First Convocation marks an important milestone for a university and I am very happy to share the joys with the graduates of DIU. In imparting quality tertiary education, Daffodil International University has made an envious achievement within a very short time. Our country faces multitude of development challenges and I believe that the graduates will play required roles in solving these problems, leading the socio-economic development efforts of the country.

I congratulate the graduating students for their excellent performance. I thank their proud parents and dedicated teachers, whose valuable guidance, assistance and supervision have made their endeavor fruitful.

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006




Prof. Dr. M. Asaduzzaman 
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

I am happy to know that the Daffodil International University is going to hold its First Convocation on May 24, 2006.

Education enhances quality of life. University Grants Commission (UGC) has been taking all measures to upgrade the standard of education both in public as well as private universities in Bangladesh. It is indeed encouraging that Daffodil International University has been trying to contribute higher education in our country with special emphasis on advancement of Information Technology which is very important in the present day to achieve standard, quality and excellence. Daffodil International University seems to be up to the mark in this respect as they are careful in maintaining academic discipline.

On this memorable occasion of their First Convocation, I hope they will overcome all existing barriers that our universities are encountering in providing standard and quality higher education.

My heartiest congratulations to all graduating students, their parents, the university management and to Daffodil family at large.

I wish this convocation a great success.

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006




Hua Du
Convocation Speaker
Country Director
Bangladesh Resident Mission 
Asian Development Bank

I am happy to know that Daffodil International University is holding its 1st convocation on 24 May 2006. This is indeed a special occasion not only for the new graduates, but also for Daffodil International University. I am delighted that in such a short span of time, the University has made progress towards academic excellence.

 The new graduates have worked hard to reach this important milestone in their lives and certainly deserve to celebrate. With this ceremony, they begin professional careers dedicated to the development of Bangladesh. In the years ahead, Bangladesh will need many more talented graduates to lead the country onto a higher growth path for poverty reduction and livelihood improvement. In an era of globalization, this century will be built on knowledge-based industries, requiring strong emphasis on educational quality. Professional skills and innovation are essential to survival in this increasingly competitive world.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Bangladesh needs skilled and capable leaders to accelerate development and achieve its full potential. The universities of Bangladesh have a major role to play in improving the quality of higher education and contributing to sustainable and equitable economic development in Bangladesh.

ADB takes pride in supporting human development in Bangladesh. In the coming years, ADB support will continue to focus on improving the quality and relevance of education by providing institutional and organizational strengthening, ensuring gender balance, and building capacity.

I sincerely wish the new graduates of Daffodil International University great success in pursuing their ambitions and goals.


Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006



sabur khan  

Md. Sabur Khan 
Board of Governors 
Daffodil International University

Congratulations to all successful students, faculties and all other staff on the eve of the 1st convocation of Daffodil International University! 

This is an engendering a feeling of colossal pleasure and happiness for me as a part of the Daffodil International University on the occasion of the 1st Convocation of the university.

As an educational institution, Daffodil International University has gone through several development phases. Its being accorded degree-awarding status is yet another and perhaps most important landmark in its continuing evolution. Education at DIU is collaborative experience. It is the result of the willing and cooperative commitment of you and the university, the faculty and staff to a common purpose: preparing you to be contributing citizen to the country of the future.

Students are the primary architect of that experience: as you design your education, thinking and planning of your education, gathering information of alternatives, choices and challenges ahead of you. The education will help you as you start your exploration, and it will be invaluable as you consider different approaches to life ahead. All of our faculties and staff are poised and prepared to assist you. We are offering suggestions based on experiences and what faculties explore in a student. This is the time is starting point for any dream or aspiration. It is a compendium of the people, resources and opportunities that make DIU an innovative challenging, and exciting place to begin building and shaping a student life. 

Here I must also acknowledge the vital role of the Government of Bangladesh and University Grant Commission for approval and affiliating University for all its undergraduates and Masters programs and extended the support that was so essential for their implementation.

Finally, I would like to congratulate again the students for their success and faculties and staff of DIU on their achievements and also remind them that they must be prepared to face even greater challenges in the future. As they strive together to develop the full potential of their institution for the educational advancement of the country, they will need to harness all their capabilities. I am confident that they will be successful in their

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006




Professor Dr. Aminul Islam
Vice Chancellor 
Daffodil International University

I am immensely pleased to see that Daffodil International University is holding its First Convocation on May 24, 2006.

Convocation is a solemn, sacred, and purposeful function and should have the pride of place over similar ceremonial institutions. The Convocation does not belong to any particular individual or group nor is it meant for the graduates, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, the Deans and the teachers alone but the nation at large, conceived and permeated as it is, with a high sense of national purpose and prestige. And, for a University it is its very soul, without it a University looses its moorings. Its tradition should, therefore, be held in high esteem in all quarters, high and low, and preserved with utmost care and concern.

With the approval of the Ministry of Education under the Private University Act of 1992 and its amendment in 1998 the Daffodil International University came into being on 24th January 2002. The Prime initiative of the country’s leading conglomerate Daffodil Group is Daffodil International University. This is a social commitment of Daffodil Group to the nation for their contribution to higher education. Daffodil International University is the accumulation of core educationists of the country to build future Bangladesh. My grateful thanks to Daffodil Group, especially to Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, President of the Group and Chairman, Board of Governors, DIU.

The University has received, since beginning, the necessary help, advice and cooperation from the Government, The UGC, and Board of Governors, DIU, the Faculty, the Management, Parents, Guardians and beloved Students. I sincerely appreciate their contributions, acknowledge with gratitude and thank them from the core of my heart.

Finally, I congratulate the graduating students of DIU on this great day and wish them all success in future life

May Allah help us in our mission

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006




Professor M Shahjahan Mina
Pro-Vice Chancellor 
Daffodil International University

It gives me utmost pleasure on this special day for Daffodil International University (DIU) to see that the University is holding its First Convocation today to confer degrees on the students of different programs who have completed their academic degree requirements successfully. This is undoubtedly a great accomplishment for the graduating students, their proud parents, the faculty and the management of the University.

As a matter of fact, today is the day of fulfillment of a dream that we had been cherishing since January 24, 2002 when the University launched its journey with the mission to provide quality education in Bangladesh. By now, it has made rapid progress and ranked itself among the top-graded universities of the country by providing quality education and meeting the changing demands and challenges for higher education in the 21st Century.

I do believe that the passing-out graduates of DIU will certainly be able to be entrepreneurs or find suitable jobs and thus can contribute to the socio-economic development of the country with the knowledge and skills they have gained from this university. However, I wish them success and hope that they realize their dreams and face the challenges of globalization by building their career in any sector they like.

Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes and warm congratulations to the graduating students, their families and friends, the faculty and to the entire university community on this auspicious occasion

Date : Wednesday , May 24, 2006