Message from the Chairman, BoT


Md. Sabur Khan
Board of Trustees
Daffodil International University

It is a matter of pleasure for me that the 5th Convocation of Daffodil International University is going to be held on 13th January 2016. My heart is filled up with joy as we are going to erect yet another milestone on our road to success.

We started our journey in 2002 with the noble vision of not only providing quality education to many thousands of young men and women of our country, but also to establish themselves as professionals in their respective fields of work. During their study at DIU, we have been able to successfully expose our students to various branches of knowledge, e.g. business, science, engineering, IT management, etc. In order to obtain venture capital and promote entrepreneurship among students, we have established a business incubator and linked our students with such activities as business startup, social business club, startup market and – all with a view to making their learning life-oriented and practical. 

We called ourselves an ‘international’ university at its inception. We aspired to become a world-class university. Now our dream is coming true as foreign students from the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America have already graduated from this university so far. This has been possible because of dedication and determined efforts for excellence by academicians and administration. At present we have collaboration with more than 200 renowned universities of the world.

May Allah be our guide in all our efforts!