Message of Emeritus Professor

Professor Dr. Aminul Islam
Emeritus Professor
Daffodil International University

I am immensely pleased to see that Daffodil International University is holding its Fifth Convocation on January 13, 2016.

Convocation is a solemn, sacred  and purposeful function and should have the pride of place over similar  ceremonial institutions. The convocation does not belong to any particular individual or group nor is it meant for the graduates, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, the Deans and the teachers alone but the nation at large, conceived and permeated as it is, with a high sense of national purpose and prestige. And, for a university it is its very soul, without it a university loses its moorings. Its tradition should, therefore, be held in high esteem in all quarters, high and low, and preserved with utmost care and concern.

Research is a fundamental mission (Dakar, 1997) and a major function of higher education. It is, therefore, essential that this potential be turned fully to account, not only for teaching purposes, but also in order to contribute to the areas of science and technology, social and human sciences (Havana, Palermo 1996) for the advancement of knowledge, cultural development and fulfillment and for solving the problems with which the society is facing today. Research is needed for the sustainable human development and for spreading ideas of peace, democracy and protection of environment (Havana, Dakar, Tokyo). This is the duty, the responsibility and function of higher education and its teaching personnel in particular (UNESCO, 1998). DIU has established five research centers with the Deans of Faculties at the apex for an aim to encourage and facilitate research by the teachers and students.

Bangladesh has made considerable progress in establishing a comprehensive education system ranging from primary to higher level. Quality education, however, is the common expectation at all levels. Even though we have examples of academic excellence in limited areas, the overall quality of higher education remains a serious concern for the lack of adequate funds, shortage of qualified teachers, weak management and inadequate supervision. In many universities access to ICT, Science laboratories and other academic facilities are very limited. There is also inadequate focus on science and technology or on areas of skilled manpower. The purpose of higher education is to produce skilled manpower with quality education to face the challenge of the time. I believe DIU will make a major contribution in producing graduates with skilled knowledge and religion based humanitarian outlook on life.

On this special day, the graduates should remember that this graduation will enable them to shift their learning from the classroom to the continuous search for truth, knowledge, and values that will bring richness to their lives and careers. I believe that they are competent enough to serve nation by upholding the prestige they received and with the knowledge and good sense which have been during their stay at this university.

Finally, I congratulate the graduating students of DIU and wish them success in future life.