Message from the President


Md. Abdul Hamid
People's Republic of Bangladesh.

I am glad to know that Daffodil International University is going to hold its 5th Convocation on 13 January 2016. On this happy occasion, I extend my heartfelt felicitation to all the graduating students, faculty members, guardians and university authority and appreciate their collective endeavour to materialize the hopes and aspirations of the students.

Education is not mere accumulation of facts; it is the foundation of life itself. Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics. It develops the personality of students, moulds their character and grows mental skills to help them in coping with problems and challenges of the modern world. The responsibility of universities, both public and private, is primarily characterized as teaching, research, and innovative thinking to develop students' capacity. Research and innovation, as we know, are the key elements in pursuing new knowledge which play a vital role in meeting the demand of the time. I, therefore, strongly believe that our universities will concentrate their efforts on research and innovative activities along with routine work.

The government of Bangladesh is committed to ensuring quality education and research as well as establishing knowledge based society. The function of education is to teach one to think thoroughly and act vigorously. Universities, both public and private, should put their outmost endeavour in turning out capable and competent graduates by providing state of the art education.

I hope that the graduates who are passing out today would be able to face the challenges confidently and contribute significantly to the development of the society.

I wish the 5th convocation of Daffodil International University a grand success.

Khoda Hafez. May Bangladesh Live Forever.