Message from Chairman(BoT)

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Dr. Md. Sabur Khan
Board of Trustees
Daffodil International University


DIU is determined to create an educated, digitized and self-sufficient generation who will be doers and change makers with their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial (entrepreneurial skills within an organization) leadership. I congratulate the graduates and like to see this as an occasion to mark the beginning of their career in the industry, business and job sector.

DIU has been striving to ensure employability skills, updated academic knowledge, career-oriented subjects, international collaboration, modern curriculum, industrial academia linkage, soft-skills and career development of the students to make them fit for globalization.

We tried our level best to guide students to love and respect their parents; to be innovative, creative, and focused. We also nurtured the students to utilize their time because the clock always reminds them that time is being deducted from life! The graduates are to keep in mind that, life is according to their will, which they should respect, cultivate and enjoy. Graduates are to contribute to the society and be proud Daffodilians. It is their obligation to themselves, to their parents and to DIU to utilize their skills and they need to present themselves properly. Graduates must be prepared in such a way that jobs will come to them, or graduates themselves will create demand for the job market so that employers can evaluate them and award them with a lucrative job.

Our graduates are our ambassadors. They are products of Daffodil, so the university will be ready to support them enhancing their skills. I would like our beloved graduates to do 3 things, they will: take each day as it comes and put in their best efforts; stay connected with their teachers, seniors, and classmates; always remain grateful for the opportunities they had in their life and help others get better opportunities.

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