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Professor Yusuf Mahbubul Islam, PhD
Vice Chancellor
Daffodil International University

Today, at the Permanent Campus, we honor the graduating students of Daffodil International University, at its 7th Convocation. It is a day of joy that recognizes the efforts of students to learn and become graduates in their preferred subjects. We are proud to announce that 3132 graduates will be presented for a degree of which 2497 will be awarded a Bachelor's degree and 635 a Master's degree.

I am happy to be part of the ceremony that recognizes the efforts of the students. While congratulating the graduates, I would also like to congratulate the teachers, administration and Board of Trustees of Daffodil International University for supporting each graduate on the way to achieving their degree.

I would also like to thank our distinguished international and local guests for gracing the ceremonies and encouraging our students. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Kakha Shengelia, President, International Association of University Presidents & President of Caucasus University, and the distinguished guests who have come all the way from Georgia. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Honorable Education Minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid for gracing the occasion as the Chairman on behalf of the Chancellor. I would like to join the graduates in thanking the Creator for the opportunities and successes that He has granted and for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this day with all the fanfare and pageantry.

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