Message form Chairman (BoT)


Md. Sabur Khan 
Board of Governors 
Daffodil International University

Congratulations to all successful students, faculties and all other staff on the eve of the 1st convocation of Daffodil International University! 

This is an engendering a feeling of colossal pleasure and happiness for me as a part of the Daffodil International University on the occasion of the 1st Convocation of the university.

As an educational institution, Daffodil International University has gone through several development phases. Its being accorded degree-awarding status is yet another and perhaps most important landmark in its continuing evolution. Education at DIU is collaborative experience. It is the result of the willing and cooperative commitment of you and the university, the faculty and staff to a common purpose: preparing you to be contributing citizen to the country of the future.

Students are the primary architect of that experience: as you design your education, thinking and planning of your education, gathering information of alternatives, choices and challenges ahead of you. The education will help you as you start your exploration, and it will be invaluable as you consider different approaches to life ahead. All of our faculties and staff are poised and prepared to assist you. We are offering suggestions based on experiences and what faculties explore in a student. This is the time is starting point for any dream or aspiration. It is a compendium of the people, resources and opportunities that make DIU an innovative challenging, and exciting place to begin building and shaping a student life. 

Here I must also acknowledge the vital role of the Government of Bangladesh and University Grant Commission for approval and affiliating University for all its undergraduates and Masters programs and extended the support that was so essential for their implementation.

Finally, I would like to congratulate again the students for their success and faculties and staff of DIU on their achievements and also remind them that they must be prepared to face even greater challenges in the future. As they strive together to develop the full potential of their institution for the educational advancement of the country, they will need to harness all their capabilities. I am confident that they will be successful in their