Message of Convocation Speaker


Hua Du
Convocation Speaker
Country Director
Bangladesh Resident Mission 
Asian Development Bank

I am happy to know that Daffodil International University is holding its 1st convocation on 24 May 2006. This is indeed a special occasion not only for the new graduates, but also for Daffodil International University. I am delighted that in such a short span of time, the University has made progress towards academic excellence.

 The new graduates have worked hard to reach this important milestone in their lives and certainly deserve to celebrate. With this ceremony, they begin professional careers dedicated to the development of Bangladesh. In the years ahead, Bangladesh will need many more talented graduates to lead the country onto a higher growth path for poverty reduction and livelihood improvement. In an era of globalization, this century will be built on knowledge-based industries, requiring strong emphasis on educational quality. Professional skills and innovation are essential to survival in this increasingly competitive world.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Bangladesh needs skilled and capable leaders to accelerate development and achieve its full potential. The universities of Bangladesh have a major role to play in improving the quality of higher education and contributing to sustainable and equitable economic development in Bangladesh.

ADB takes pride in supporting human development in Bangladesh. In the coming years, ADB support will continue to focus on improving the quality and relevance of education by providing institutional and organizational strengthening, ensuring gender balance, and building capacity.

I sincerely wish the new graduates of Daffodil International University great success in pursuing their ambitions and goals.