Message from the Chairman, DIU


Md. Sabur Khan
Board of Trustees
Daffodil International University


It is indeed a great day for Daffodil International University - 9th January 2022 – when we hold the 9thConvocation, much awaited, as unexpectedly delayed by the pandemic. The Convocation is not just a day oran event, it is an important occasion when we revisit the milestone achievements of our students, teachers,and the overall management staff. I am sure this graduation ceremony would be a memorable event for allof them. With this event, we will celebrate the glory of our success, and commemorate the pastachievements to get inspiration for the future. At this very happy moment, I congratulate all the graduatingstudents as well as their parents and teachers.

TheworldhasjustwitnessedtheCOVIDCrisiswhichhascausedunprecedenteddisruptionandfundamental changes in the education systems. In this most disruptive situation, Daffodil InternationalUniversity has catalyzed innovation in education systems and ensured total digital transformation of itsacademic systems. During the pandemic situation, Daffodil International University kept the activitiesuninterrupted by adopting technology and utilizing mechanisms. From day one, the students attendedonline classes. DIU teachers, students and management adapted with the Smart Edu Systems,BlendedLearning Center (BLC) so that students can learn in their preferred mode. We introduced TeachingApprentice Fellowship Program (TAF); added 50 new modules in Smart Edu to ensure complete systematicoperation; incorporated Mentoring Management Systems so that students get proper guidance until theyenter into the job market; added AI based drop out modules so that students performance and the reasonsfor the absenteeism from the class can be tracked. Accordingly, the university and its graduates developeddifferent innovative solutions which have demand in this time.

Today, we are focusing on outcome-based education considering the present demand of the industry andfuture job skills. Also, we are bringing dynamic changes in the learning environment, transforming thecampus into a total learning zone which is the demand of ‘Z Generation’. All these major decisions weretaken considering the challenges of Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond.

In the end, my hearty congratulations to all the Daffodilians, specially, the Graduating students, and I wishthem all a great future ahead.

May Allah be our guide in our efforts!