Message of Adviser


Professor M Shahjahan Mina
Daffodil International University

It is a matter of great satisfaction that Daffodil International University is going to hold the Second Convocation on 26 May 2008. Two years back, on 24 May 2006, the university held its First Convocation with great enthusiasm. On the eve of the auspicious occasion, I congratulate the new graduates as well as the guardians and all those who are working with us to train up the future mentors of the nation.

In the last two years the university has expanded considerably with continuous progress in academic affairs and infrastructural development. New programs have been introduced with the opening of new departments and recruitment of new teachers, both full-time and part-time. The number of students has also increased to a great extent. These are all positive signs for a highest-order academic institution.

The university is committed to offering quality education and we believe we are discharging our responsibility appropriately. We take utmost care in the appointment of teachers and maintaining strict discipline on the campus. We emphasize extracurricular activities alongside regular curricular activities, so that the students can nurture their creative faculty and broaden their knowledge base, enhancing multifunctional skills.

Several batches of students have already come out of the university and entered the job market where the DIU graduates have demonstrated spectacular performance. We feel happy with the success of our students and hope that we can produce even better graduates in the days to come.