Message of the Chairman (BoT)


Md. Sabur Khan 
Board of Governors 
Daffodil International University

Since its establishment in 2002, Daffodil International University has striven to develop and maintain an international quality in instruction and played a vital role in the education sector of our country. Earlier guardians used to depend largely on foreign universities for good education of their children but now with the establishment of private universities alongside the public ones, more opportunities have been created for higher education within this country. We hope that as a pioneer in higher education, DIU will keep the country’s flag flying high in the academic world. The students of DIU will be the ambassadors of this university and with their successful career they will make a positive contribution to the overall development of the country. DIU does not believe in merely offering certificates but training the young learners to be fit for global job market. It is our high expectation that the students of this university will provide their best efforts to make it a renowned university; and after completing higher education, they will prove their efficiency in the practical field of life.

At the turn of the new millennium, universities in Bangladesh are facing a dilemma. On the one hand, there is a demand for developing mass training institutes to serve national needs. On the other hand, there is global pressure due to rapidly developing technologies to operate at the international level. DIU is continuously strengthening and developing the approaches and techniques of teaching with up-to-date materials to overcome the dilemma.     

It is our motto to provide meaningful education to the students and to assist them to be qualified for national and international placements. DIU strongly believes that education is not simply the acquisition of certificates, but the surest way to developing a sound state of mind and moral conduct. With this end in view, I believe, the graduates of DIU will be able to make their alma mater a center of academic excellence.