Message of the Emeritus Professor


Dr. Aminul Islam
Emeritus Professor
Daffodil International University

I am very happy to see that Daffodil International University is holding its third Convocation on 26th February, 2012.

Convocation is a solemn and purposeful landmark event of life. One could be worthy for this event by investing much of talent, time, money, and most important of all hard work. And, for university it is very soul, without it university loses its moorings. Its tradition should, therefore, be held in high esteem in all quarters, high and low and preserved with utmost care and concern.

On this special day, the graduates should remember that this graduation will enable them to shift their learning from the classroom to the continuous search for truth, knowledge, and values that will bring richness to their lives and careers. I believe that they are competent enough to serve the nation by upholding the prestige they received and with the knowledge and good sense which have been ingrained during their stay at this university.

I congratulate the graduates and their families.

I wish the Convocation a success.