Message of Emeritus Professor


Professor Dr. Aminul Islam
Emeritus Professor
Daffodil International University

I am very pleased and happy to see that Daffodil International University established in 2002 is holding its fourth Convocation on March 6, 2014.

Convocation for any institution of higher learning is a solemn, sacred and purposeful event of life. One could be worthy for this event by investing much of talent, time, money and most important of all, hard work. The university has been able, within twelve years of its journey, to establish itself as an excellent institution of higher learning and good research atmosphere. Research is a fundamental mission (Dakar, 1997) and a major function of higher education. It is, therefore, essential that this potential be turned fully to account, not only for teaching purposes, but also in order to contribute to the areas of science and technology, social and human sciences (Havana, Palermo 1996) for the advancement of knowledge, cultural development and fulfillment and for solving the problems with which the society is facing today. Research is needed for the sustainable human development and for spreading ideas of peace, democracy and protection of environment (Havana, Dakar, Tokyo). This is the duty, the responsibility and function of higher education and its teaching personnel in particular (UNESCO, 1998). DIU has established four research centers with the Deans of Faculties at the apex for an aim to encourage and facilitate research by the teachers and students.

On this special day, our graduate students should remember that the graduation will enable them to shift their learning from classroom to the continuous search for truth, knowledge and values that will bring richness to their lives and carriers.

Finally, I congratulate the graduating students of DIU and wish them all success in future life.