Speech of the Chairman(BoT)


Md. Sabur Khan
Board of Trustees
Daffodil International University

As-Salamu-Alaiqum and a very Good morning to everyone present here.

It is a memorable occasion and a landmark for all of us to celebrate . I am, indeed, overwhelmed to see this congregation of young people in the young institution of a young nation who will be going out to serve the world with the knowledge they have acquired here.

Dear Guests
I am delighted to be with you today and warmly welcome everyone present in this hall. This is an important occasion because it is a time when students who have worked hard are harvesting the fruits of their labor; a time when the professors and lecturers at our university are seeing the results of their good teaching and a time when those who provided financial support towards your education will also realize that their appreciable support was worthwhile. On behalf of the University community and on my own behalf, I congratulate our graduates on the realization of the objectives they set themselves individually and severally.

Respected Gathering
I do take pride in what the management team has done in transforming this institution. It is a positive matter of fact that our academic calendar is now fully systematic; we are organizing graduation ceremonies regularly and our students can expect to finish their studies within the stipulated time frame easily. This is as it should be if we are going to achieve our goal of becoming a center of excellence and indeed a world-class institution of higher learning.

Dear Parents
Today is a glorious day for all of you, as your children are finally getting the certificates as a token of achievement of their most arduous educational endeavor. Besides, it is also an honor for us that we are able to forge your children as graduates who are ready to fight for the future. In this long journey, you have always been with us by encouraging your children, which motivated us more to give our maximum effort on them. Without your support and encouragement, it would have not been possible for us to complete this journey and bring out that wonderful smile on your face today. That’s why we are very much grateful to you for putting your trust us and, finally, giving us thousands of successful bright individuals which will be a great asset for all of us.

Dear Graduates
This is your time to think how to start your journey. Please don’t waste any single moment because you have already matured enough and completed your graduation on the day which your parents and you have been waiting for your whole life. Today you all are here to enjoy this lovely ceremony. Some of your parents have also come to share this remarkable moment with you. Some of your parents are not present here now but always keep it in your mind that your parents are waiting for you eagerly. They have put lots of effort to make you successful and they would love to see you as graduates. So, today is the day you all have made your parents’ dream come true. Now, this is your time to show your gratitude to your parents a way they would love to see. It is true that in lots of cases your parents were not able to reach their own destination. That’s why they were very serious to make you graduates and I am quite sure that today that lovely day has finally come. So, please use your skills, exert your best efforts and use all your strength to bring more smile on the face of your parents during the rest of their life.

Dear Achievers
You all know that Allah has created a unique identity for you and I always love to say that your fingerprint, your eyes, your everything is unique and different from others. Your name is also unique which you have already got. When you were born, your parents called you by a specific name, by which people always address you. Now as you all are officially graduates, you have to think about how to start your career. To build a successful career you have only two options. You may try to get a job of your choice in the government. or private sector, or you can try to be an entrepreneur.

As I always love to say, if you want to be an entrepreneur, it will be a huge pleasure for our university because you know, entrepreneurs can contribute to the society most. They have lots of opportunities to diversify their ideas, but keep it in your mind, if you don’t like to become an entrepreneur or you are not becoming an entrepreneur, then think of yourself to be an intrapreneur.

I have rewarded some of you a copy of my book উদ্যেক্তা উন্নয়ন ও ব্যবসায় নির্দেশিকা based on the 30 years of learning and experience of my life. Who among you showed passion to be entrepreneurs, have already received a complimentary copy after your convincing feedback to me. Any graduate present here with entrepreneurial mindset can collect one after successfully submitting feedback via this link: http://gg.gg/entrepreneurshipdiu

I am lucky enough that I have completed my education. The night my Viva, I left my hostel as I understood that it was my time to build my own future. I remember that when I was leaving my hostel, all of my friends from my university insisted on me to stay with them because as per the public university rule, I could stay at the hostel and enjoy free facilities until my result was published. But I understood that time is most valuable for me. If I can’t utilize my time properly, I may not be able to reach my destination. Thank Almighty Allah, I took the right decision, because I left that night and I started my journey before the completion of my graduation and getting my result.

Now, you see that today you also got your result and today you are declared as graduates. So, again congratulations for your wonderful success. But please keep one thing in your mind, start your career. Today after this convocation ceremony, please give your maximum effort, use your time and try to figure out what should be your career map. As you know, at university we are trying to give lots of ideas on Art of Living and Employability 360, besides we also insist that you develop your Google Site personal career map, where you can upload your own video resume which can enable you to reflect on what exactly you achieved while you were studying at this university.

Dear Pathfinders
Today I want to say that if you go across the whole world, you will find there are a few categories of people who started their careers while they were students. You know that ‘Warren Buffett’ started his career when he was 14 and he always loved to say, he was feeling unhappy to think why he didn’t start his study when he was 8. At the same time, you can see lots of people who started their career at 14/15/17/18 years of age. Keep it in your mind that there is another scenario too.

There are lots of successful people who already started their journey after 30, like if we just consider ‘Jack Ma’. He started when he was 35. Just like him, there is ‘Richard Branson; who started when he was 35/36 years old. So, if you just go through the history, you can find out there are lots of people like them who started their journey when they were 35/36. That’s why considering their success, you should realize that you are still young.

Dear Precious
You know that each of you have a special body which defines how long you will survive in this world, but it is true that God doesn’t allow us to identify or to see how exactly that clock is ticking and how long you will live. So, that’s why every time is important and I have given two examples about two successful people, who started their career after 35. So, that means at the age of around 24, you are at the right stage as I started my journey when I was 24 and I am still trying to reach my target. Now, I have created many leaders in my organization. They can run Daffodil independently with their expertise. Subsequently, I have stepped down from my position, delegated jobs to my successors, and paid attention to upper level strategic decision making. It is a globally acclaimed change management process that I have followed to carry on my journey and have had things done by others.

So, please try to grab all the technological knowledge, which will give you speed. Successful people, those I have mentioned, the majority of them, didn’t have technology. That means they made their life successful in the analog era. Now you are in the digital and technological era. So, at this time lots of facilities are available for you. Even the people I have mentioned, if you search their names, then you can find out how they started their journey. You can get inspired by their success stories which will guide you on the right path of life.

Dear Triumphant
Daffodil International University has initiated lots of facilities for you. You all know the toppers of the departments always get the gold medals as reward at this big ceremony. That has been a long running tradition for every university home and abroad. But today we are going to break this tradition and start something new. From now on, the toppers and meritorious students of this university will get the airline ticket to travel to a foreign country as an educational tour. It will be a great opportunity for those kinds of students who want to explore the world, learn something new and be ready to take global challenges. I hope we will make this system as a next generation tradition as the first university of not only this country, but also the whole world.

Beloved DIU Ambassadors
The world is getting smaller day by day. By virtue of technology, the whole world is in your grips now. That’s why, it’s up to you, how you will use your time and the technology you have. You have to think about yourself. One day you will be no more in this world. So, people should be able to recognize your contribution. If you invest your time, you should invest it in a positive way to contribute to the society. Only then when you will be no more in this world, people will remember you. You know that Einstein and lots of other successful people who are long gone, but people still remember them, respect them.

I want to say, please start your journey today, pull out your strength, use your smartphone, utilize all the technology and try to grab the opportunity. Don’t think that you are the deprived one. Don’t think, you don’t have any money or any reference from your family to get the job or to become an entrepreneur. Just think that God has given you unbelievable power. Do you know, there are lots of handicapped people who are deprived, but they never think that they are the deprived people as they already have made themselves successful. This is the ultimate example for all of you. If they can make themselves self-reliant, then why not you? So, please focus on your aim. I am quite sure you can make your vision successful and make every dream of your parents come true.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our graduates once again on their distinguished achievement. Please be in touch with Daffodil as vibrant Alumni and keep inspiring junior students with your vigour, dedication and vision. DIU will be always with you. May the society open up endless opportunities for your success and professional growth.