Speech of the Chairman (BoT)


Md. Sabur Khan
Board of Trustees
Daffodil International University

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Education, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh; Professor Abdul Mannan, Honorable Chairman, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh; Dr. G. Viswanathan (GV), Honorable Founder-Chancellor, VIT University, Vellore; President, Education Promotion Society for India and the Speaker of this Convocation; Mr. G. V. Selvam, Vice President, VIT University, Vellore, India; Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam, Honorable Vice-Chancellor, DIU; eminent academicians; esteemed parents; distinguished guests; dear graduates and respected ladies and gentlemen.

As-Salamu-Alaiqum and a very 'Good morning' to you all. I welcome you to our unique permanent campus and express my gratefulness to all of you for being with us here today. It is indeed a memorable day because, on this auspicious day, students are harvesting the fruits of their hard-work for years. On behalf of the University community and on my own behalf, I congratulate our proud graduates.

Distinguished Guests, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen,
From a humble beginning with only 66 students in 2002, we at present, have an enrolment of over 18,000 students. The number of students who have passed out successfully in the past years is now more than 12000. We not only have grown in terms of number of students but also have opened new departments and specialized courses considering the needs of the present world. We are in touch with our dear students and it is our commitment that not a single graduate will be jobless. I'm sure our students will succeed in networking, as entrepreneurs and as a job provider.

The university is focused on holistic development of the students to make them worthy citizens of the country and of the world. With our movement "Change Together", DIU aims for drastic positive changes in our society through creating a generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. We believe, not a single of our students will get involved in unethical practice as they have gone through our unique course, "Art of Living", which has been designed to shape their moral, ethical, emotional and social values. We have implemented policies on anti ragging, anti smoking, anti eve-teasing and neutral gender equilibrium environment for education at DIU. A triangular relationship has already been nurtured among and between Students, Teachers and Guardians of DIU through well-planned and effective get-togethers and Parents' Days.

My Dear Graduates,
I congratulate you on the success you have achieved by dint of your hard labor. The Convocation ceremony will remain as an unforgettable memory in your life. You are going to enter a new phase of life from here. You have fought for your education for so many years; now it's time to fight for your career selection. Certificates you have achieved today will be valuable only when you will be able to capitalize on it and be successful in life. As young graduates, you are about to embark on your own extraordinary journey and enter into a new life full of adventures. I am hopeful that you will be able to face reality of life with courage and credibility. Your parents and guardians have invested time, money and expectations on you. They wish to see you come out with success and glory, prospect with pride and progress ensuring peace for yourself, for your family and for the society that helped raise you. It is your turn to give them back what they need and deserve.

I am proud of all of you but I want to make a mention that I am so happy to see so many of our graduates have taken up covetable positions at home and abroad. Congratulations to those who have already proved to be successful. I recommend fresh graduates to spend time into the 'hidden' job market and yet to be explored entrepreneurial fields. Those who still have no job need to do career-mapping properly. Don't forget, we are there for you with all possible support. Don't forget, we are there to work on your shortcomings and find opportunities for you. Don't forget, job market is very simple if you start looking for your job with a little preparation. You need to read the company's background, job scopes and their requirements, website, existing HR and their demands. Don't forget, career is a challenge. For a right choice of career, select your goal, define your path and start your journey from tomorrow. Look where your passion leads you to. Focus your dream company, do your case study where you desire to work. Think about why will a company recruit you? You must add some value to their company. It depends on how you can create value -you need to do your home-work before addressing the company or attending an interview. You must acquire proper knowledge about that company; you must work out what scopes they have and you must be sure of what additional value you are able to bring for them - they must call you.

Be organized, build your network, attend speaker events, follow tips and technique of job-finding, and apply for job wisely. Don't think, after submission of a CV, that you will always be called. Take mental preparation and proper precaution before facing an interview. It's your responsibility to uplift yourself through different events, programs and networking. Jobsbd.com and Career Development Center can be reliable friends in your job hunting and career development. Never lag behind and be prepared in such a way that you become lucrative in job market. University has equipped and supported you in such a way that we believe you cannot let yourself down.
In DIU, we have arranged a series of mega events: career related programs, workshops, seminars, lecture series etc. We set up Industry-Academia linkages; we collaborated with 300+ foreign universities, provided Laptops free of cost, facilitated labs, e-Learning and Google classroom; we ensured continuous curricular development; we established Daffodil InnovationHub', Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and 'Innovation and Incubation Center (IIC); we strengthened students exchange, research collaboration, membership and affiliations; we incorporated foreign faculty members; We developed state of the arts facilities and infrastructures; sponsored projects like helicam and solar car; we nurtured entrepreneurship- all for the sake of our students, graduates and alumni!

Dear Future Entrepreneurs,
We are now concentrating on developing DIU as the only entrepreneurial university in the country. We train our students to emerge as entrepreneurs. DIU produced more than 1000 entrepreneurs who have created over 5000 jobs so far. We have established Business Incubator, Entrepreneurs Club, Venture Capital Ltd., Startup Bangladesh, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Guidance Program (EGP), Industrial and Innovation Park, Enterprise Competitiveness Institute (ECI), Startup Market & Lab, Startup Restaurant & Café, Young Women Entrepreneurs Forum, Are you the next Startup, social business club, etc for you to benefit from.

International job market always creates new era and new scope which you must explore carefully and follow the trend. You should not only depend on so-called common job which calls for too much competition. As you know, DIU provided you with free laptops only to enable you to cope with the demands of technology and drive your career with technology.
My suggestion is: use your strength through technology to set up your career; or become an entrepreneur and creating job opportunities for others.

Outgoing Graduates,
You are our ambassadors. We can assure you that DIU will always be with you. Keep in touch with DIU. It is our moral duty to settle you in your career. Come anytime; come for counseling, cooperation and guidance. We'll welcome you with your innovative ideas. You can trust on our promised support.

As alumni, we welcome you to our alumni networking. DIU was, is and will always be your university. It makes us proud when we see our successful alumni flying DIU flag with their successful career at home and abroad.
I'd like to wrap up with a story for you: The story goes like this:
A frustrated student stood on the street for begging - he had nothing except a shabby T-Shirt. He repeatedly said he had nothing to have something. A passerby, an owner of a company told the beggar man, "You have something in the thing that you already have." The more the begging man said he had nothing, the more the company owner repeated the same, "You have something in the thing that you already have." Being even more frustrated and disturbed, the beggar man went away. Suddenly, he recalled the message "You have something in the thing that you already have." He realized that he had a T-shirt and it was something.
He thought of doing something with it. Suddenly, he saw a gentleman was going past him. He was wearing shoes full of dust. The beggar boy asked that he wanted to clean the shoes by his T-Shirt. The passerby thought for a while and let the begging boy shine his shoes. And by this the beggar boy earned some money from the gentleman. In this way, he understood the message that if we try we can start something. Something gradually becomes huge. In the end, he worked more and earned more money and setup a shop. Eventually, his shop expanded. Finally, he became a renowned business tycoon of shoe industry in the world.

Please don't forget to take away these tips: You will be remembered for your commitment to the ideals of caring and sharing, for helping someone, for making someone feel special. You'll feel good for a little act of kindness; you'll be remembered for a genuine gesture, friendship and support to your fellow human beings. You'll reach a height if your target is the sky. I have no doubt that you will get the very best in life. May Allah help you in all your endeavors. Hope you can start to use your potential. Keep trust on Almighty and don't waste any opportunity that comes in your way. Make your parents happy and proud for their sacrifice; fulfill their expectation of you; but keep DIU in mind whatever you do and where ever you are.

May Allah always bless you!

Thank you all.