Speech of the Chairman (BoT)


Md. Sabur Khan 
Board of Governors 
Daffodil International University

"Dear students, on the special occasion of 2nd Convocation of Daffodil International University, my greetings and congratulations to all of you.  I convey my heartiest gratitude to the Chief Guest Honorable President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and Honorable Chancellor of our university Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed. My sincere gratitude also to the Convocation Speaker Justice Mustafa Kamal, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Advisor, Dean, Registrar, faculty members and officials who work hard to graduate the young stars of the country, Assalamualyikum and very good morning.

In fact, the trial-blazing success stories of Daffodil’s various concerns inspired me to take initiatives in founding of a university with the vision of a social entrepreneurship venture offering demand-oriented, innovative and world-class higher education to meet the human resources development challenges of the 21st century. I must say I have been successful in the venture with the cooperation of a band of qualified academicians and other expert personnel.

I know today our students are going to get their recognition. When you come to your maturity, smiles slowly disappear, giving way to the signs of concern. You understand that it is the anxiety about your future that has taken away your smiles.  When you complete your education, the crucial questions that face you are: “What would I do after my education? Will I get employment?” Your parents, who have spent all their savings on your education, also share the same concern.  Their concern really makes us think about the future of the students. I go on thinking the way out.

Concern about employment is not only for those who are fortunate enough to have university education. It is the same fading away of the smiles, the shattering of the dreams and the weaning away of the gleam in the eyes in every section of youth in the country. The only answer to retain the smile of life is to generate scope for employment. It is connected with the aspirations of nearly 60 million youths of our country. Hence, Daffodil International University works for such a course curriculum and other activities that will enable the students to compete in the employment market.

DIU education is always student-oriented and IT-friendly. To connect the students with information technology and empower them with necessary knowledge, recently, the authorities have adopted a scheme for providing personal computers and laptops at affordable prices to all of them. Under the scheme, the students can enjoy the facility of easy installment. I hope the students will be able to enhance their computer skills, deriving maximum benefit from it.

Repeated failures of larger and larger dimensions in our national activities and in the international arena are on the one hand reducing self-confidence of people and on the other hand projecting poorer image of the country in the world. The whole nation is in a vicious circle of non-development. Under these circumstances there must be some initiatives of far reaching consequences to lead the country to the road of progress. Where else can we take the initiative other than in demand-based technological education?  
The prime objective for Bangladesh, a populous country with cheap labor force, should be to turn its huge population to skilled manpower of international standard. Our general likeness for education in liberal arts should be shifted to demand-based technological education and our research and development activities in information processing and teaching should be directed to solving indigenous problems.  

Poverty and underdevelopment are in-built with our culture. Information propagated across the country by many of our rural bards, preachers and poets illustrate that the world is an inn where material development and accumulation of wealth are discouraged, and where poverty glorifies a human. For sustainable socio-economic development we need to change this attitude and give proper attention to education, particularly science and technology.    
Our country has a lot of potential sectors for exploration. We can create competent manpower for healthcare, textile industry, water harvesting and recycling, waste land development, bio-fuel generation, village knowledge centre, environmental science, real estate, telecommunications, solar power etc. DIU has already ventured into some of these demand-based disciplines. Some others are in the offing.

Despite different barriers Bangladesh is moving ahead, with rising foreign exchange reserves, global recognition of textile and garments, technological competence, pharmaceutical production, and emergence of 60 million youths both men and women as a dynamic positive force for national development. We have many things to be optimistic. The interest shown by giant international companies to invest in our country, setting up of new R&D center, development in agriculture and food processing, education and healthcare, information and communication technology, infrastructure development and self-reliance in critical technologies can really transform Bangladesh into a developed nation. 
I firmly believe we can build up a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by properly utilizing our natural and human resources. 
Thank you very much for making the 2nd convocation of Daffodil International University a success.