Speech Of the Vice Chancellor


Professor Dr. Aminul Islam
Vice Chancellor 
Daffodil International University

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Chancellor of Daffodil International University, His Excellency, Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed;

The Convocation Speaker, Justice Mustafa Kamal, Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh;

Honorable Chairman of Board of Governors, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan and Members;

Professor Nazrul Islam, Honorable Chairman of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and Members;

My colleagues, distinguished guests, dear graduating students, ladies and gentlemen.

Assalamu Alaikum.

I am extremely pleased to welcome you all to this solemn ceremony of the Second Convocation of Daffodil International University.

We are really happy and highly encouraged to have the Honorable President and Chancellor of Daffodil International University Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed among us today. It is particularly gratifying that Your Excellency – a former Hall-mate in Salimullah Muslim Hall, Department-mate in Soil Science Department, University of Dhaka, and colleague in the same Department from 1950 to 1990 – should, as Chancellor, be presiding over our Second Convocation.

We are indeed grateful to your Excellency for the sustained interest you have been taking in the growth and development of university education in Bangladesh in general and private universities in particular.

I am also thankful to Justice Mustafa Kamal, Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh for delivering the Convocation speech. Justice Mustafa Kamal had been an outstanding student and leading figure in different extra-academic activities in Dhaka University during the early fifties when I myself was a year junior student to him there. It is a matter of pride for us to have him as convocation speaker. 

Ladies and Gentlemen

Two years back in addressing the first convocation of Daffodil International University on May 24, 2006, I spoke of the university’s mission, academic atmosphere, intellectual climate and physical environment. Today, I wish to state the important functions of a private university, vis-à-vis Daffodil International University. The functions of a university are manifold. The advancement of knowledge by quality teaching, research, creative work and pursuit of truth is the primary function of a university. The last century has been credited with notable advance in knowledge and ideas, inventions and creative innovations. The phenomenon of globalization has added new dimension. With all these achievements as a basis of future progress, the university is to add its contribution to it to move forward. It is not denial that teaching and research are two distinct functions but in a properly organized university a judicious application of both can be adequately secured.

When the teachers devote their time not only to imparting what they know but also to increasing their extent of knowledge through research, the two objectives are fully realized. Thus realizing the role of research in higher education, DIU has established two full-fledged research centers in the Faculties of Business and Economics, and Science and Information Technology with the objective to encourage, conduct and carry out research. Necessary supports for research by the teachers and students are also being provided through these centers. Two journals, namely, DIU Journal of Science and Information Technology and DIU Journal of Business and Economics are being published regularly twice a year. The university has one hundred and thirty teachers, many of them are foreign trained and experienced scholars who constantly inspire the students with intellectual honesty of mind, sincerity and intellectual purity of purpose.

An important function of a university is to develop character and personality and produce men who know their fellow men. I believe that the main goal of all the students is to be good human beings. It is very hard to attain in this age. But it is possible if they could be provided with supportive environment and system. DIU is maintaining a wide spectrum of extra-academic activities for the students. The students are participating in sports, cultural program, debate and literary competitions in intra-university, inter-university and national levels. The policy of DIU is such that the students will be kept busy all the time without any disruption of their academic pursuit. For holding these operations successfully, the university has formed Sports & Cultural Club, Debating Club, Language Club, Film Club, MBA Club, ETE Club, etc.  The students are being nurtured in a disciplined environment so that they can be good human beings who are morally strong, physically able, mentally well-equipped and alert, capable of making decisions and possessing social qualities.

Another important function of a university is to equip the students for future employment. The whole education system in DIU has been designed so that the students can respond efficiently and flexibly to the fast-changing demands of market and economy. The education that our students will receive at DIU will transform them to highly qualified and skilled graduates who will be able not only to contribute to improving socio-economic, technological and social conditions of the nation but also be able to compete with other graduates in finding suitable place in the internal market.

At present, in this globe, maddening competitions are demanding super human-like figures. Again, a silent economic depression is underway. With the forces of some other similar agents, the dimensions of the demand of human resources have changed a lot. Only the fittest are being accommodated. DIU has shouldered the responsibilities as mould maker. To maintain the mission for preparing competent and skilled human resources, the university is providing some facilities and offering some certificate courses on Microsoft IT Academy, CISCO Networking Academy, Sun Academic Initiative Program, Red Hat Academy. The Prometric Testing Centre and Career Development Center are offering a range of services including online exam facilities, career counseling, development activities, workshops, part time and casual employment services, etc.

Graduates of the university

I congratulate you most warmly for having had the privilege of being a member of this great seat of learning. For all of us, this is a day of joy and pride, as it marks the successful termination of rigorous process that started early in your childhood.  You have our best wishes and blessings on your future journey.

I take this opportunity to quote a few lines from the speech of Dr. W.A. Jenkins, delivered, in 1955 to the graduating students of Dhaka University including myself as a graduate student, “In this hard world of experience that will be tested will be other than those required in an examination hall. Perseverance and a capacity for hard work, integrity of purpose and character, shrewd judgment based upon accurate knowledge, an understanding of human characteristics and sympathetic approach to all questions involving human welfare- are these qualities that will stand you in good stead in those days to come”- W.A. Jenkins 1955.

Dear graduating students, you are lucky to receive your degrees from a very distinguished academician and scientist, the Honorable Chancellor, Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed. Thank you, Honorable Chancellor for encouraging us by your gracious presence. I once again thank Justice Mustafa Kamal, a man of honor, for being among us as Convocation Speaker of this memorable occasion.

Again, I congratulate the graduating students and their parents and wish the graduates success in all their future endeavors.

Allah Hafez