Expalanatory Note

The 6th Convocation of Daffodil International University (DIU) is being held in an ambiance of excellent achievements of the university over the last 14 years. In its fourteen years of journey, DIU has established its permanent campus and achieved scores of national and international recognitions. The 6th convocation is yet another piece of evidence of this short but glorious history.

The Convocation
The convocation, a well-recognized tradition in universities around the globe, is a grand festival observed by the academic world where new graduates are presented by the university faculty and administration to the degree awarding body of the university. The Chancellor of the university who heads this body confers the degrees on each of them as recommended.

Degree Awarding Authority
The Chancellor, the Vice-chancellor, Members of the Board of Trustees, and the Deans, together with the Heads of Academic Departments, constitute the degree awarding authority of Daffodil International University.

The Academic Procession
The academic procession is an important part of the convocation. It is a colorful but solemn event where graduating students, faculty, members of the Academic Council, members of the Syndicate, members of the Board of Trustees, and senior administrative staff of the university participate.
The participants in their ceremonial robes join the convocation procession and enter the convocation hall. The Convocation Marshal Professor Dr. A K M Fazlul Haque leads the procession into the hall. The graduating students take their seats in an area of the hall specially reserved for them.
Faculty members join the procession in ascending order of seniority; they enter the hall and take their seats alongside the new graduates.
Having been delegated by the Honorable Chancellor, His Excellency Md. Abdul Hamid, the Honorable President of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, and Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid MP, Honorable Minister for Education, enter last in the company of the Honorable chairman of the UGC, the Convocation Speaker, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Members of the Broad of Trustees, the Vice President of VIT, the Vice Chancellor of DIU, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DIU, the Treasurer of DIU, Emeritus Professors, the Deans, the Proctor, the Registrar, the Syndicate and the Academic Council members.
Once the procession reaches the designated areas and all are in place, the formal convocation ceremony begins. The Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan delivers his welcome address. Then the Convocation Speaker delivers his Speech. and the graduating candidates are presented to the Honorable Minister for degree conferment by the respective Deans of Faculties. A student selected from the graduating class as the valedictorian addresses the gathering and other two students selected from the foreign graduating students address the ceremony. Next, the Vice Chancellor delivers his address. Professor Abdul Mannan, Honorable Chairman, University Grants Commission delivers his speech. Then, on behalf of the Honorable Chancellor, the Honorable Education Minister delivers his speech. The Convocation Marshal conducts the session.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Honorable Education Minister, the Honorable Chairman of BoT of DIU, the Vice Chancellor, and other dignitaries leave the site of the ceremony in a procession, followed by faculty members and the new graduates. The ceremony concludes when the procession departs the hall.

Academic Apparel
The academic apparel of Daffodil International University has been specially designed, although it corresponds closely to the academic regalia used in other universities. The gowns worn by participants are generally black, but the designs differ. The colors of the tassels and the hoods distinguished faculty members of one department from those of the other.
The hood, which resembles the medieval cowl, is the most distinctive feature of the academic insignia. Its satin panel is visible from the front and indicates the general field of a degree by its color.
The convocation apparel for all bachelor's degree candidates is black, and they will don black square mortarboards on their heads. The colors of tassels on their mortarboards point to their fields of study.

The academic costume of the 6th convocation of Daffodil International University will be as follows:
1. Faculty of Science and Information Technology: Black gown with yellow shoulder and chest, black cap, and yellow tassel.
2. Faculty of Engineering: Black gown with red shoulder and chest, black cap, and red tassel.
3. Faculty of Business and Economics: Black gown with royal blue shoulder and chest, black cap, and royal blue tassel.
4. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science: Black gown with green shoulder and chest, black cap, and green tassel.
5. Faculty of Allied Health Science: Black gown with grey shoulder and chest, black cap, and grey tassel
6. Masters Graduates: Blue gown, Blue cap, and tassel.
7. Faculty members: Black gown.
8. Academic Council Members: Black gown with red sash and Blackcap.
9. Members of Board of Trustees: Navy Blue gown with silver lace.
10. Members of Syndicate: Black gown with Blue sash.
The Education Minister, Vice Chancellor, Convocation Speaker, Deans, and Marshal of the 6th convocation wear specially designed gowns.

Daffodil International University Logo
The logo of Daffodil International University reflects the chief objective of the university which signifies the dissemination of modern and quality education. The color of the Daffodil International University logo is blue and green. The logo is divided into two parts. The upper part includes a globe and world map and an open book while the lower part has the image and color of the national flag.

Daffodil International University Flag
The color of the Daffodil International University flag is white and light blue while the color of the university emblem is blue and green. The emblem is placed at the bottom of the flag.

Special Awards
In this convocation, 13 top scorers of the university get gold medals (Chancellor gold medals-4, Chairman gold medals-4, and Vice-Chancellor gold medals-5) Of these, two go to the Science and Information Technology Faculty, three to the Business and Economics Faculty, three to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, three to the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and two to the Faculty of Engineering.

Daffodil International University takes pride in holding the 6th convocation as it strides confidently towards a promising and glorious future.